Does Size Really Matter?

There are some things I know for sure: It will rain again- somewhere (we are currently a bit dry in New Orleans), I love my husband, I sleep better in my own bed, I’d die for my children (we have three), my sister makes me laugh, my mother taught me everything that is good about me, and a gardener can not have enough! ENOUGH already! 

Yesterday I stopped by our favorite aquatic garden center to purchase some fresh water fern for the fountain pool (and the three comets to nibble on) and walked away with ten banded bushels (very small and so I should have purchased 15), a new garden ornament, six miniature delphinium in soft cloudy blue, and two clematis (something has to grow up the antique garden obelisks that are really there to thwart the garden hose, right?). And so it goes… more plants to plant in my itty-bitty courtyard, which B refers to as the ‘jungle’. I refer to it as ‘heaven’ and a stop-watch. While digging in the delphinium I uncovered an old, rusty stopwatch, 8-inches down. A stop-watch? It’s New Orleans.

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