Gris Gris


Webster’s Definition
A hoodoo talisman. An amulet originating from Africa believed to protect wearer from evil and bring good luck.

Cheryl’s Definition
A really beautiful, sometimes weird, piece of stuff, that my friends bring me to hang over my doors and put in my garden because they know I love weird and I’d never turn away good luck, or friends.

Since moving to New Orleans I’ve been given many hoodoo charms. It all started with my friend Bonnie, who in a show of support for me, declared that our home was filled with the ‘hants’ (New Orleans for ‘haunts’ or ghosts) when we were originally outbid in the purchase of our house (sort of- long story). I was heartbroken. “I’m glad you didn’t get that place. It’s got the ‘hants'”. Well, we did finally buy the house and Bonnie had to do an about-face. 

She showed up, walking down the courtyard, carrying a large gold paper cross, chanting a blessing. She declared it ‘clean’, and has been sitting at my table ever since. The blessings keep coming. 

Thank you dear Bonnie.
A ‘Scared Heart’  with two King Cake babies to the right

The Gris-Gris board over the back door. Bonnie’s gold amulet is to the far right.

My newest addition. A ‘Sacred Heart’ for the garden.

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