Just Another Day

My daughter Bryn, and I, went on, yet again, another home tour yesterday. In this city, that’s just another day. There are countless tours, and festivals, and food, and fun every week. I’m not kidding.  

Every home was lovely. Every room beautifully filled with fine antiques and contemporary furnishings- eclectic done REALLY well. The diversity of artwork was impressive, from old masters to modern lithographs. Of course the light fixtures  were truly ‘bling’ ( this town knows how to hang a chandelier and Mardi Gras beads). But what was the most fun, were the private backyard swimming holes. Well, “hole” may be an understatement.

As none of us really have a backyard (at least not the kind I grew up with in the Midwest), how New Orleans landscape and pool designers (and installers) maneuver these slivers of blue heaven into our spaces is really the question. Or is it the magic? 

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