Lemons to Lemonade

Satsuma Blossoms- Citrus unshiu

Single Meyer Lemon Fruit

Two springs ago (2010) I purchased, and ground planted, what I thought was a dwarf orange tree and a dwarf lime tree. My thought was that we would eat the oranges (of course) and use the limes in a variety of ways (think Mojito’s and Pork Chops). We attached two trellises to the side of the house and I began pruning and tying in a mad attempt to espalier the branches. They have grown well but are not exactly what I thought they were. 

The Orange is an orange, but not a navel variety, it is a Satsuma. “A what”? you may ask. A Satsuma, the most delicious orange you will ever have, and probably won’t. Not a single one grown in Louisiana makes it out of the state. They don’t ship well, and they are entirely consumed by the population. People go Satsuma crazy down here! Last year the tree bore about ten edible fruit. We already have one fruit showing and several flowers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As for the ‘Lime’ tree. The fruits were abundant, green, and a palm-full size. Perfect, until we went out of town for a week. Upon return they were still green but HUGE. “O.K.” I said, ” I’ll wait and see how big they get and how brilliant my arbor skills are”. They started to turn yellow and get bigger- I mean grapefruit size. People passing by asked me what they were, they were so impressed. I proudly told them “grapefruits”. They must be grapefruits. Finally we plucked one, sugar spoon at the ready, and sliced into….wait….wait…. a LEMON. The biggest, most robust flavored lemons we have ever tasted and will taste again. They look beautiful so far. 

Not what we were expecting, but sometimes life throws you… (you know the ‘riff).

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