The Baby

Just so no one with whiskers feels left out- I have quickly included a photo of the ‘Baby’. 

This little devil is named Earl (Can you believe this? Earl? Seriously, I had nothing to do with this moniker). 

He is a rascal- full of piss-n-vinegar, thinks he’s bullet proof, eats like he may die of starvation tomorrow, wants to follow his sister and brother everywhere (but Luna has not given him the green light to sleep in the same room let alone accompany her on her ’rounds’), and must, muST, MUST sleep nose to nose with the Mother all night long. This presents problems for the Mother but not for the Baby, for he is satisfied, and safe, and all is right in his world. Did I mention SPOILED? One day I’m going to have to learn to say no to all of the children, of both species.

But… we love him so. 

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