Back to ‘Cooking’ Class

     Greenwood, Mississippi is, well, green- and full of surprises. 
     The husband and I suppered with friends, Joe and Linda, last Friday in this charming town- just four hours each way (We from New Orleans. They from Nashville). But that’s what friends do- right? 
     The Alluvian Hotel and Spa was perfect, as was the meal and the conversation. No one can tell a story like Joe, and I should know- I’ve been spellbound for over thirty years. 
     It turns out that in addition to being the perfect spot to film The Help, the Viking Corporation (commercial  grade residential cooking equipment) choose this town to put it’s Viking Cooking School. And guess who went back to class?
     Bright and early Saturday morning I walked, literally, across the street and into the most fabulous professional cooking classroom/kitchens I have ever seen. What a dream! And before I woke up I had a front row seat enthralled by Cheryl and Griffith Day, proprietors and cooks of The Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia, and authors of their first cookbook, of the same name (I’ve provided a link).
     Cheryl is so charming and Griff (yes, we are now on a nickname basis) is so unflappable. They made two sweets (with each other) and their Coconut Cream and S’more Pies, and one savory dish- Griff’s Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler- everything from scratch! So yummy! So easy! So talented! 

Sometimes school can be so delicious.

Cheryl and Griffith Day 

Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler
hot out of the oven

Chicken cobbler plated

Coconut Cream Pie

S’more Pie

Pies plated

The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook

Street view of a Viking Kitchen

Viking Cooking School
Greenwood, Mississippi

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