Founding Fathers

     On our recent trip to Washington D.C. I was very fortunate to be able to visit, for the first time, George Washington’s Mount Vernon. 
     I love historic homes- especially ones that were so important to the lives, and hearts, of their occupants (I know the feeling).
     It is beautiful– calm, organized, self-sufficient, and welcoming. 
     The house is without the domestic applications of scientific advances (like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello), but abundant in it’s honest approach to “living well”, replete with orchards, kitchen gardens, animal barns, and all the “necessary” facilities that one with wealth and status, could ever hope to have at his, and his illustrative guests, disposal. In short- I could move in tomorrow.

     I’d gladly pull weeds- if there were any.

The Front Yard

Upper Garden

Lower Garden

So organized

Cold Crops

The Boxwood Knot Parterre

Fancy espaliered fruit trees
within enclosed Upper garden

Is this a Scabiosa? A Bee Balm variety?
No one around to ask.

Unidentified heirloom rambling floribunda rose

Globe Amaranth
Glomphrenea globosa

An old-fashioned Allspice bush.
The flowers are almost black.

Unidentified Parrot-type Tulip

Unidentified Tulip

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