Garden Showgirls

     I love Dahlia’s. 
     I know many people think they are over-the-top in-your-face subtle-as-salami types of beauties, but I love them for just those snobbish reasons (and they make great cut flowers). They are show-stoppers- the color, the form, the sizes- amazing! I even won a ‘best of show’ once for a dark red (almost black) Pompom type at the Great Geauga County Fair, in northeast Ohio. An almost ‘wet my pants’ kind of experience. Dahlia growers are a fierce and competitive lot. I was a novice. So there. 
     How can you go wrong with names like Seduction, Fruit Salad, and Midnight Moon and sizes that range from 12 inches across to the ball variety that can be as small as a nickel? 
     This year I potted three tubers, watered them little, and set them in a sunny spot. My Ken’s Flame are up and on fire- just like promised. 
     Next year I might try the formal decorative Pink Lemonade to go with the semi-cactus Blackberry Jelly

All I would need is a buttered Crumpet.

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