Garden Warfare

     In a recent post, I mentioned my Okra was doing well, no thanks to the slugs. 
     As it was, every morning I would see a thin shiny tread mark across the concrete from the dirt floor of the flower garden plot to the potted vegetables. Every morning I noted that the tiny tender new growth of the Okra plant was a bit more chewed. Where were they hiding? 
     Night time raids with a flashlight proved useless. A shallow tin of beer only got baby Earl (the cat) an upset tummy (dummy).  Until the other day. 
     I was transplanting a sprawling, low growing, succulent type of Sedum to a more desirable spot under the Satsuma tree.  I lifted it’s juicy tendrils (cutting a large ball to preserve it’s root system) and there they were- two of the BIGGEST slugs of all time! Just two, but the BIGGEST, FATTEST, most militant gastropod mollusc’s I have ever seen. 

I’d like to say that I transported them to safe haven. 
I’d like to say I’m a millionaire. 
Alas, both would be untrue, salt of the earth that I am.

I should have put a ruler out to show size,
 however, I was so grossed out I wasn’t thinking ahead.

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