Ghost in the Graveyard

     New Orleans is old (established by the French in 1718, won by the Spanish in 1763, given back to the French in 1795, purchased by the U.S. in 1803). 
     New Orleans is surrounded by water (Lake Pontchartrain and Maurepas to the north, the Mississippi River squiggling around from the northwest to the south, and swamp land filling in all of the other places).  
     New Orleans is below sea level (in essence, wobbling around on pudding).
     New Orleans has interesting cemeteries (everyone is buried in above-ground tombs).
     One is right down my street.
     Lafayette No.1– filled with the victims of malaria, lover’s quarrels, fires, and politics. 

They are my most intriguing neighbors.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Fresh flowers by
family tombs

A street within
(really just a walking alley)

One of the few top adornments
still remaining. Much has been
vandalized over the decades.

A rooftop of grass

Many stones just ‘fall out’ of their walls.
The city asks that no one remove pieces, (as souvenirs) as these will be puzzled
back together and reapplied to the appropriate tomb.

A group tomb for the Chalmette Fire Department,
of olden days.

An open ‘oven’,
or tomb.

A look inside

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