I’ve noticed a few interesting shifts in our present day American culture: 1) Recycling is solidly a way of life and 2) everyone eats out, three meals with big latte’s- so no leftovers. 
     Sort of an oxymoron. A paradox. A contradiction of terms- or at least a wasted opportunity.
     Some of the best meals I’ve ever had were a magical re-purposing of two-day-old dinners. My mother was a master ‘left-over’ cook (she’s also a master cook to begin with- maybe this helped with the food reassignments) and watching her mix and match and layer and choose, was the best food education I ever had. 
     I raised my family serving leftovers. I still re-purpose meals, especially big ones like Easter Ham. There’s nothing better than fresh, from scratch, split pea and ham soup and a slice of homemade rye bread. Mom would be so proud that I 

 recycle and reuse and reduce 
(well, maybe not reduce). 
Split pea and ham soup
served with fresh rye bread
and sweet butter

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