Puerto Rico Plantians

     Puerto Rico, the beautiful group of islands, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, is a tropical archipelago dense in history and foliage- that is to say, much of what grows in abundance is not all that native.
     The Spaniards brought with them (in addition to smallpox) Bamboo and Plantains (from their earlier explorations of Southeast Asia) and Banyan Trees (from their ongoing conquest of Central America). And now they grow EVERYWHERE (smallpox virus excluded).
     The plantains are used in every imaginable type of dish, from sweet to savory. They are fried, boiled, baked, and eaten raw. They are probably used in spa treatments (I should try this). The bamboo holds up the sides of the mountains from erosion but presents a continuous battle with it’s evasive (and elevating) nature putting men high up on ladders to cut it back (teetering on the sides of these mountains), and down low digging the roots systems to shreds (on nearly ninety degree angles). Can you say, “Workman’s Comp”? The Banyan trees just bust the sidewalks apart.  

And so it goes… in Man’s ongoing desire to manipulate Mother Nature. 
‘Cept she’s a bitch.
Chicken with Plantain in garlic and saffron sauce

Banyan Tree

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