San Juan, Puerto Rico

     Christopher Columbus discovered the beautiful islands of Puerto Rico in November of 1493 on his second passage towards a secret world he knew existed. He claimed them abundant and beautiful. Daughter Bryn, and I, discovered these islands last week, and agree (who are we to argue?). 
     As a colony of Spain for 400 years the cultural influence is very Espanola, even Moorish, in it’s abundance of fancy tile work, the use of saffron in cooking, and the architectural arches found common above doors and windows.

Arches are so pleasing, especially when your walking under a secret one. 
Thank you Chris.
Old San Juan underpass

Entrance to San Felipe Del Morro Castle

Interior courtyard at Del Moro

Gunner’s tower at Del Moro

300 year old Sentry posts still remain dotting the city 

Abandoned Hotel

Ancient Lighthouse

Ancient city gate from sea piers through the city wall in Old San Juan

A lovely restaurant

Spiral staircase in Yokahu observation tower

Yokahu observation tower off Bano Grande trail in the rainforest

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