Surrounded by Saints

     Sunday, on my way to the grocer, I drove by an ‘Open House’ sign, affixed to the iron gate of a magnificent building- a building I have always wanted to get into (one must take opportunity where one finds it, yes?). The chips and dip would have to wait.
     May I present St. Elizabeth’s Orphanage, or Condos of the Highest Order.
     This incredible Second Empire-type building, was built as a boarding house for indigent women (aka: unmarried and pregnant) in 1865. Five years later it was transformed into an orphanage for girls (where were the little boys sent, I wonder?).
     Stan and Anne Rice (yes, the vampire Lestat’s mistress author) bought the crumbling and vacant building in 1993, completely restoring it to use as a repository for their many collections. 
     In 2005, it was sold, and converted to grand condominiums- replete with ecclesiastical adornments. 
     Here, you can live in spaces with eighteen foot high ceilings, and moldings as thick as a man’s arm. The windows are dappled with stained glass, and frosted at night by the ice of crystal chandeliers- all original. Wow.
     But, maybe, the most notable architectural feature, is an exalted one- St. Elizabeth watching from above.

May Saints always bless our homes.


The Lobby

Stained Glass window
of the
White Chapel

A welcoming Angel

St. Elizabeth peering from above
in backyard courtyard

St. Elizabeth greets you in
the entrance lobby-


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