Sweet Meats and Destitution

     We had a delicious (and simple) meal last night- grilled lobster tails, green salad, and a cold summer pasta. 
     Why don’t we eat more of it? All of us.
     Everyone believes it’s too expensive. Really? Take a look at the ‘price per pound’ ($3 last week at my neighborhood fishmonger) and then compare it to a half gallon of milk (nearly $6!).
     In the late 1800’s it was so plentiful, it was “considered suitable for only the destitute”. Now the poor lobsters are destitute, with no one eating them.
     I’ve included in Today’s Recipe  Lobster a’la Newburg (my favorite) from the revised and updated Centennial edition of the White House Cookbook. This recipe has been served by each White House Chef since 1894! 
     So, take a few off ice, help the fishing industry, and enjoy the sweet meat of the seas- and be destitute no more .

Grilled lobster tail (under shell removed and placed on heat)
with simple tossed green salad, and multi-grained pasta tossed in
Italian Vinaigrette (served chilled).


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