Unexpected Surprises

     On Friday, late morning, the husband called me at home and asked if we had any pressing commitments for that night. “Nothing we couldn’t ‘beg-off'” (for the right alternative), I replied. “How about we ride up to Mississippi and have dinner with Joe and Linda (from Nashville, coming in from the opposite direction)”, he asked. Four hours each way. Well, that’s what having an open schedule (me) and being the boss (him) is for, isn’t it? 
     So off we went to a little town with big surprises.  
         Greenwood, Mississippi is the sleepy, leafy town that Hollywood filmed The Help in. The townsfolk made them a real southern welcome and so did one of the most stylish Hotel’s and Spa’s in the South- The Alluvian, smack dab in the middle of downtown- our destination. The room was lovely, the food at Giardina’s delicious, and the company of good friends even better. Don’t you love it when you can pick-up the conversation just where you left off? 

Even if it does take four hours to get there.

How long will this be up- I wonder?

Welcome to The Alluvian

Lobby Lounge

Curtained room for private dining-
a hold-over from Prohibition and bootleg whiskey.

Gorgeous floral arrangement
using local philodendron fronds and gladioli.

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