Urban Chicken

     I was raised in what would be called an ‘upwardly mobile’ community. I am well educated. I have worn expensive clothes- and shoes. I have travelled a large bit of the world. I have been introduced to famous people. I have enjoyed meals, and wine, in the finest restaurants, surrounded by fine art and sparkling conversation, and yet….I am a farmer at heart. 
     I love the dirt. I love to grow food, and flowers. I love the tools, and equipment that’s necessary to produce and organize a crop (and ‘put it to bed’- farmer term). I love the hard work and satisfaction.
     Once I almost had it (a farm that is). Sort of. The husband and I lived on a large piece of town property in a beautiful Victorian house and we had a barn. And space. And a barn. We grew things- vegetables and children alike. We had garden rooms, and flower beds, and fruit hedges, but no livestock. I wanted chickens. I still do. 
     There is a new “Urban” farming movement afoot. People in tight spaces are growing food on rooftops, and vertically up walls, and in abandoned lots, and even in open-bed pickup trucks. People in tight spaces are experimenting with crops not found in big-box grocery stores and livestock not seen on a city lot since, well, the cities were farms. I am talking chickens.
     Given my limited ‘itty-bitty’ courtyard space, raising chickens is still not a reasonable possibility for me (not to mention the brick-laid floor) but a neighbor has taken up the call- or should I say ‘cluck’. 
     I love visiting ‘the gals’ on my daily walks. 

As for my desire for poultry…. 
it will have to be sated with chicken salad in lettuce cups. 

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