A Post of History

      In 1884, the World’s Fair was held in New Orleans. 
    The grounds were created from a large swampy area just west of the city, in what is currently the Audubon Zoo and Park areas in Uptown.
    When the fair closed in 1885, it was so badly in debt (due to fraud- go figure) that most of the structures were sold for scrap, and the remaining buildings succumbed to hurricanes within the next decade, however, hundreds of iron posts remained up for grabs. They are now all over the city, in residential use as fence posts- and we have two.
    Rumor has it that our house was built around 1858 (I’m currently working on the history and will post later) which would make the installation of the posts about 27 years after the house was built. I don’t yet know who went uptown and pulled them from the ground, but I’m sure happy they did. They are elaborate and beautiful- almost like having great artwork outdoors.

     Sometimes, I even dust them.
     Wouldn’t you?

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