Beauty in the Beyond

     On a recent expedition to Lake View Cemetery, in Cleveland, Ohio, to find (and photograph) the headstone of my great grandfather (I’m also actively involved in genealogy) Bryn, and I, happened upon the Wade Memorial Chapel, which is tucked within the 75-acre final resting place of some of Cleveland’s most illustrative past citizens (including 20th United States President James A Garfield). 
     Alas, my great grandfather was only a common man, buried in one of the designated ‘Potter’s Fields’, but the visit was not without an introduction to the amazing Jeptha Wade family legacy. 
     Jeptha made his fortune establishing the Western Union Telegraph Company. Yes, that Western Union.
     His grandson, J.H.Wade II, commissioned this glorious building in memory of his grandfather, and hired Louis Comfort Tiffany to design, and execute, the interior. There was also a little  gentleman named Thomas Edison, who came on board (it was the first building in Cleveland that was fully electrified).
     On a sunny afternoon the glass mosaic work hardly needs artificial illumination. 

It is heavenly all on its own.

The west side wall panel depicting biblical symbolism.
This is eight feet high and 32 feet in length.

A small lower section of the central stained glass window.
Tiffany’s artisans spent twelve months observing marine life in the Bahamas  before
returning to the New York studios to recreate these shades and shapes.

A wall band

Another, wall band

The gold leaf inlay in a bench arm

The Wade Memorial Chapel

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