Cowboy Chicks

     There are several groups of like-minded women around the country that meet a few times per year, raise hell, have a good cry, make new friends, and ‘give back’.
     A good handful were in attendance at the Country Living Fair this past weekend in Austin, Texas- namely Sisters On The Fly (see Link).
     You can see these gal’s from a mile away- they all pull vintage travel trailers that they’ve gussied-up into the most charming little alter-ego fantasies on four wheels. 
     These chicks get together to fly fish some of the most beautiful rivers in the U.S. and raise money for a bevy of philanthropic causes. In short- they rock and reel (pun was unavoidable).
     They’re looking for new members. 
     I’d join just for the decorating tips-

 and to raise hell, of course.

This vintage trailer was used as a
dressing room for a
clothing line.

My daughter’s, and my, favorite
color- 1950’s Seafoam Green.

Pretty in Pink

Sister’s on the Fly
Caravans, Campfires, and Tales
from the Road


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