Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

     I admire architecture. Of all kinds. Old, new, classic traditions, as well as, buildings that ‘push the envelope’, however, in every generation there are the one (or two) ‘greats’ that might have pushed a bit too hard. They create buildings that seem designed for the superego and not the id. For publicity and not hospitality.
     Enter the Frank Gehry designed Weatherhead School of Management on the campus of Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.
     Yes, it’s shiny (and also supposably almost impossible to heat or cool properly). 
     Yes, it’s an interesting interior space (though there is a lot of unusable space due to the shape).
     Yes, it’s unique (it looks a bit like a spaceship crash landed on top of an existing brick building).
     Yes. Yes. Yes. and yet…

     Let’s just say some people partied with Lucy 
and are still dreaming of that sky full of diamonds.


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