The Fruits of our Labors

     Growing fruit is like being pregnant. 
     You watch your girth (in this case, fruit) grow-slowly. 
     You add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet (or soil). 
     You plan for their arrival only to be fooled that the girl is a boy, or vise versa (in our case, that the grapefruit was a lemon). 
     And your surprised when your twins are actually triplets.
     Yes, we now have a third fruit in the family. 
     Our daughter, Bryn, brought home a lovely five foot potted Brown Turkey Fig tree yesterday (an early Mother’s Day gift). And now I must raise it, and nurture it, and love it, and hope for the best.

     If she’s any indication of the outcome, 
I must be pretty good at it.
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’

Meyer Lemon fruit- swelling

Satsuma Orange fruit


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