The Muses

     Aside from all of the additional interesting facts about the evolution of New Orleans, there are a group of streets in the lower Garden District that are named after the nine muses: Calliope (muse of epic poetry), Clio (muse of history), Erato (muse of music), Melpomene (muse of tragedy), Polymnia (muse of hymns), Thalia (muse of comedy), Urania (muse of astronomy), and Terpsichore, the muse of dance. She is my favorite.
     Lovely Terpsichore is usually depicted dancing, or playing an instrument softly to her lover Achelous, by whom she had many daughters- all sirens. Oh, to be a siren. My heart goes pitter-patter. 
     On my daily explorations, I happened upon a new addition to the pocket park on Terpsichore St.- a beautiful new bronze sculpture of the beautiful bronzed muse.

     If only we could all be cast with such lovely loins.

Birth of a Muse 
Kim Bernadas, Artist

Looking south


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