The North and South of It

      We are a fortunate bunch, my family and I. 
     We have a small deck of real estate playing cards (so to speak), and one of my ‘playhouses’ is in our hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio (were we are laying our heads for a short visit).
     Upon arrival the first item on my ‘to do’ list is always to check out my garden. I have one here, as well.
     It is planted with varieties of flowers (no vegetables as we’re not here often enough) that need very little care, and will thrive in a northern (zone 5)) dappled shade environment- like hosta, and fern, coral bells, and azalea, peonies and even a tea rose (or two)- much different than in my itty-bitty New Orleans (zone 9) courtyard garden. 
    These two gardens could not be more different and yet they both give me such pleasure. 
     Last night I cut an armful of peonies to make a bouquet as fragrant as it was beautiful and forecast a ‘Welcome’ as wonderful as any I have had.

I’m breathing deep the scent of a Yankee spring and it’s loverly.



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