Apples Don’t Fall Far

       You raise them. You diaper them. You feed them. 
     You take them on trips to see the world and expand their perspectives. 
     You offer wise advise. You offer stupid advise. 
     You don’t sleep when they come in late. You can’t wait to sleep again. 
     You do everything you know how to do (and some things you don’t) to give them a leg-up hoping they will become good citizens, productive adults, and happy people. 
     Mostly you don’t have a clue how this will all work out, in fact, you often feel like most of it has been a waste of time, and then…………. your son plants a garden.

     Of course it will work out- 
Never had a doubt.

Chase’s Brooklyn, NY, patio garden.
I’m so proud!

Look at those tomatoes!
 (the view’s ok)

He built this raised bed by himself!
And hauled the dirt in a wheelbarrow from the street in an elevator load-by-load.
(he’s so strong)
Someone with much less genius built the bridge in the background.



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