Breakfast with Tiffany

     I am not Holly Golighty- although I love Audrey Hepburn movies (and even met her once).
     Hers was not a simple affair- our breakfast was. Scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, orange juice, coffee, and buttered English muffins- with a variety of toppings (including creamed cheese and salad olives- Yummy!). 
     What made it even more enjoyable was the company- Tiffany Harelik, author of the fabulous Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks. I love my Austin Edition and she is soon to publish a Portland edition (see link to pre-order).
     Once sated (and after much girl-talk), we rolled out to hunt the New Orleans scene for trailer food- and (as I had luckily discovered a new truck the week before in the red engine of La Cocinita- more on that tomorrow) we succeeded! 

     This may have not been Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 
but breakfast with Tiffany is just as fine.


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