City Chickens

        I love chickens.
     I love to eat them, and their eggs. 
     I love their poop (it makes great fertilizer), and the way they clean-up all the lawn grubs.
     I love their ‘cluck’, and I love their colors.
     I especially love to visit our neighbor’s brood on my daily city walks.
     You may ‘keep’ chickens in New Orleans, as long as they don’t get loose, are kept in good health, and are dealt with (somehow) when you have to evacuate. 
     The ‘gals’ down the street are especially ‘gentrified’-

Just ask the cat they share the yard with.

Rhode Island Red

She’s pecking the cat to remove him from her resting spot.
He said no way.

Rhode Island Reds
Gallus gallus domesticus


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