Dining with Swedes

     New Orleans has a very diverse population.
     There are Asians, Latin Americans and Mexicans, Orientals (can you still say that?), Western and Eastern Europeans, and Aussies, and let’s not forget the French. The French love New Orleans.
     What I find most interesting is that there is a surprisingly large number of Scandinavians- especially Swedes. This might be due to the fact that New Orleans has really sunny weather or maybe it’s because Sweden has really shitty taxes. 
     Either way, they are here- in droves- and they’re beautiful, and fun, and they eat really well.
     We often have the pleasure of their company (as was the case last night) when Anders and Liselott served us a supper of grilled beef sausage (with mustard and tomato dipping sauce), roasted pork tenderloin, a crisp green salad, and baked potatoes with sour cream. (Sour Cream is not optional- they eat it on everything -you’ve got to love these people!).

 So tip a a glass of brunnvin 
to the countrymen of Vikings, 
as we feast on raggmunk 
slathered in filmjolk 
(sour cream) 
enjoying the sun 
tax deductions.


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