Lower Ninth Worries

     I’d like to have an honest conversation about New Orleans’ lower ninth ward.
     First, ‘lower’ refers to the area being ‘below’ sea level’ and not a moral decree.
     Second, it was originally swamp, and used as fishing camps. It became populated by poor minorities (yes- even whites) because the land was cheap- or free. People that could afford not building on a swamp, didn’t make it their first choice. As generations of people have called it ‘home’ that is no longer the case- it is their ‘first choice’- smart or not.
     Third, it was flooded after Hurricane Katrina, as was most of the city (including other ‘poor’ and ‘wealthy’ neighborhoods).
     Fourth, Brad Pit (and the Make It Right foundation) are building really ugly homes. Seriously. Someone has to say it. They may be slim and narrow but they resemble almost no other native New Orleans vernacular architectural style in any other sense. They look like trailers on stilts with crazy roof-lines.
     And lastly, an affordable ‘green’ house in a dicey neighborhood (even if Mr. Pitt does show-up for the occasional visit)) still doesn’t mean kid’s birthday parties are what they used to be.

Holy Shit

This is not a joke.
Photo was taken June 23, 2012

Are you kidding?

Home unattributed to Make It Right foundation, but very
indicative of the style being built.

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