Mojito Mondays

     Our daughter has moved in for six weeks.
      She’s in transition between her Bachelors of Science in Business Management (from Tulane University), and finishing a medical masters (at Loyola in Chicago)- except she’s still in pre-requisite science classes (at The University of New Orleans), on her way to a M.V.D in Veterinarian Sciences 
(are you following?). 
     I have been asked to: keep the volume down so she can study, shop for different foods, not ask questions, leave her alone, not worry when she jogs Audubon park at night, fill her gas tank up, air-dry certain ‘delicates’, help her sort her stuff into ‘storage’ and ‘ship’, find her an apartment in Chicago (I’m in New Orleans), get her Father to stop being ‘mean’ to her (he’s not), and, basically, make it all seamless.

     No problem.
     Today is Mojito Monday.




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