My Cup Runneth Over

     I have a philosophy about gardening… and life- if your going to start one, take good care of it. 
     First, you will need a plan. Then begin with the best materials you can find. Pull weeds. Water it. Feed it. Transplant when you must. Sing to it. Pitch what doesn’t work. Know your zone. Share it with others. Experiment. Let it fill your soul. 
     I’ve had many gardens in my life, all different sizes, in different parts of the country, with my head in different places.
     Each one has had it’s unique challenges and rewards. Each one has taught me something I didn’t know before. And I am a better gardener because of it.
     This little itty-bitty New Orleans garden is, once again, the first of it’s kind- to me. 

     I love it more each day- and so does Edward, 
a homeless man, 
who I share the tomatoes with.
He brought me wildflowers from the park once.

My Cup Runneth Over.

Thru the garden gate from back courtyard to the front garden room

Looking into the front garden room from the street

Vintage Victorian baby bath (porcelain over cast iron) filled with herbs

Only flowers in this section

Miss Luna enjoying her mother’s company with a toy brought outside (by her) and she doesn’t even like toys!

View of the gate that separates the front garden courtyard from the back courtyard.


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