Neighborhood Joints

     I don’t believe many other cities, anywhere, have as good a restaurant scene (which is consistently excellent), as in New Orleans.
     In my neighborhood alone (and within walking distance), I can count 30. Really. 
     Everything from 24 hour breakfast diners, to world-class epicurean establishments, are at arms reach. 
     In an attempt to support them (and not just with my wallet), I am going to make a concentrated effort to bring them all to you on this blog- but where to begin? Maybe with yesterday….
     My favorite Greek Salad- in all the world (I order it with the addition of sliced deli ham- not very Greeky) happens to be plated at a Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza joint. That’s right- a pizza parlor, with the best damn Greek dressing you’ll ever Zorba with. And don’t get me started on the olives (which are soft, black and juicy).
     The food is fresh, the staff is sweet, the short-order cook adorable, the prices are cheap, and the service is fast (but you don’t have to be).

     Oh yea- The pizza ain’t bad either.

4218 Magazine Street

Greek Salad
with sliced deli ham
& an iced tea (of course)


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