The Everyholiday House

     Barreling down a narrow city street, hurriedly trying to make an appointment, I was suddenly awestruck (through a sideline glance) at a residence that simply made me- well, turn around (this happens often). 
     I swear, I thought I’d seen it all- houses in perpetual guise for Mardi Gras. Wall graffiti that was better looking than the building. Exterior house colors that could make your eyes bleed- and then… this house came into view.

     Don’t you just love the efficiency, the visual delight, the pure straight-up chutzpah of the “Everyholiday’ house.
     Just plug-in the celebration.

     Every town has one. 

Holidays represented:
Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras,
Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, and Halloween.
Good Grief!

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