The Little Kitchen

     A typical day (when I can get one) includes a bike ride around Audubon Park- wind in my hair, egrets nesting, calories burning. Round and round I go. I’m feeling slimmer already. 
     And then… a smell. Not just any smell, but a delicious and rich aroma. It’s calling me. 
     Biking faster. Muscles toning. Mouth watering, and there it is… Food! For sale! And I have… $3. You can’t get anything for $3. Oh oh.
     La Cocinita a new addition to the New Orleans Food Truck scene (see link), could not have been more accommodating. 
     “I have only $3, sir “, (heavy on an Oliver Twist-ian English accent).
     “Why two tacos, little girl” (I wish- the little girl part), replies Rachel with a smile. Benoit, the chef, gives a thumbs-up from deep inside the belly of the magic food beast.
     And so, begins a beautiful relationship with fresh, authentic, Latino inspired food that so goes beyond Tacos.
     Can you say, ‘Arepas’ and ‘Patacones”? 
     No, me neither, but I really love to eat them.

     I’ll just bike a few extra times around the park.

Pork Taco with roasted red pepper
and creamy cilantro sauce

Arepas with braised pork and roasted red pepper sauce

Chicken taco with spicy mango and creamy corn sauce

Proprietors Benoit and Rachel

La Cocinita-
at your service


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