They Heart Cheese

     Tucked between two buildings, hugging tight the sidewalk, smelling of ripe milk, is the coolest sandwich shop in town- the St. James Cheese Company
     From wine, to bread, to cheese, to speciality meats- this place will satisfy your carbohydrate Jones with a dash of mustard and a sprinkle of style.
     I usually get the Parmesan Reggiano salad (with Mani Salami) or the Smokey Blue sandwich (with Mycella blue cheese) but today I ordered the Salad Nicoise- fresh mild tuna, new potatoes (done just fork tender), soft cooked egg, juicy black olives, farm fresh tomato pops, and still crunchy baby green beans- drizzled in a tangy Dijon vinaigrette. 

And with an iced tea we had 
more Perfection!!

  Wish you were there!


St. James Cheese Company
5004 Prytania St.
Uptown, New Orleans

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