To Forage Or Not To Forage

That is the question.
     My answer has always been, ‘It depends what your foraging for’.
     Berries- fine.
     Nuts- ditto.
     Fruits- fantastic.
     Mushrooms…. not so much. I simply don’t know enough about them in the wild (at the grocer’s I’m a pro). 
     I went to the garden yesterday, to tidy-up, and found the weirdest little shrooms growing with the eggplant. I’m sure the aubergine S. melongena are not to blame. I’m also pretty sure the potting mix is- Scott’s Miracle Grow Organic Choice (it was all the corner store had). 
     As interesting as they were, I removed them (in case the cats decided to take a trip to Wonderland).

     I’ll go ask Alice- 
and get back to you. 

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