Caesars Palace Meets River Road

     I am a lover of history, and the physical remanent’s of lives long gone (In other words, I like exploring old buildings).
     I have been mightily impressed with the vast majority of historic sites in Louisiana- especially the remaining plantation homes on River Road. 
     I like my probing ( sometimes trespassing…oops) to be authentic, with at least a ‘whiff’ of the people, and the lives, that slept there.
      Thank God most of the grand dames on River Road are still in need of repair- because money tends to screw things up and bleach the life out of a place- or (in the case of Houmas House) turn it into Vegas.
     Forget the mansion- that’s just the ‘pull’. This place is all about how to turn a significant site on the National Register of Historic Places into a money making machine that is overwhelmed by disjointed garden design, and the perfect wedding ‘photo-op’. 
     I think I counted seven different (and unrelated) sculpture genres, and nine garden-types (including a Japanese Tea House? Really?).  
     I pondered what I should title this post: The Land of 1,000 Bad Sculptures or just Money Makes Mayhem? But I can’t get a poolside cabana boy at Caesars Palace out of my mind.

     I’m sure that’s next. 
Front view of Houmas House-

Back area within Houmas House grounds-
odd choice I think 

In addition to the obligatory Poseidon (holding a trident overlooking a water feature),
and many cherubs bookending misplaced decorative iron benches, there were
pink flamingo’s grazing in yellow latana.

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