Garden phi

     I have seen many an odd creature in my gardens (think: tomato hornworm- little shits).
     I have fought plant plagues that were biblical (Is there really a cure for blackspot? I don’t think so). 
     I have wrestled with marauding deer (One actually chased me into a barn with her breath hot on my backside before I slapped-closed the door).
     I have had to be diligent, and observant, and even brutal…. but yesterday….yesterday….I saw the universe on a leaf (Remember in Men In Black, when they see a parallel Galaxy floating in the locket that’s worn by the cat– like that).  
     In a word; phi, the Golden Section, the Golden Ratio, the Golden Mean.

On a lemon leaf.
In my garden.

    They were minuscule single-grain-of-sand sized clusters of white (something?) on wee silk threads that stood about 1/64 above the leaf surface, and they were in perfect ratio!
     Are they a fungus, or a pest infestation, or just perfect fuzz? 

     No matter- 
       I think the cosmos like me.

What the heck?

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