Home Fires Burning

     I grew up in a little village in northeast Ohio- between city and country. Perfection.
     We played in the woods and rode our bicycles to town to get malt’s at Woolworth’s.
     We were enthralled by the world class Cleveland Orchestra’s Christmas concerts and amazed by baby goats being born at the farm up the road.
     We all vowed to stay forever, and raise our kids the same way (and I mostly did) but then I moved away.
     I love my city life here in New Orleans. I don’t plan on giving it up any time soon, however, there are times when I wish I was there, with my best childhood friend, helping her plant her corn, and pick the berries. Digging holes and drinking wine.
     And eating scrambled eggs for dinner- except a recent gathering may be too cute to swallow.

     Love you Barby,
     you sure know how to raise them chicks!
Is this adorable, or what?


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