Summer Crossroads

     Least you think all is forever perfect at A Pleasant House: behold the summer garden- overgrown, or brown, or thin, or just petering-out in general. 
     Mold is growing before our very eyes (no matter that we Jomax), hornworms are using our tomato’s as condo’s, the roses have stopped budding, the echinacea is drowning, the slugs are devouring the hydrangea, and it’s just to damn hot to do anything about it- for now.
     I come to this ‘crossroad’, every summer, when I just want to rip everything out and start fresh. As, a matter of fact, I think I will, and so, these will be the last photo’s of the itty-bitty courtyard garden until the cooler air of autumn drops and I replant, reorganize, repurpose, and rewind my hot self into a new and improved version of the garden in my head.
     And it will be glorious- and cooler.


Just crazy growth.
Everything needs a hair-cut but not good in the heat.

That’s not a glass of beer on the table for the humans.

The tomato’s have been shredded by my arch enemy the hornworm. 

The hibiscus are turning yellow from to much rain and stress of heat.


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