Tasting Red

       Last night I took a look around the kitchen (and in the fridge), and decided to use-up some left-overs and have some fun (that’s not an oxymoron).
     Sometimes I like to use the kitchen as more of a laboratory than a food factory, and so… three large tomatoes were hollowed-out, rice was cooked, ground beef was tabasco’d and browned, onions were caramelized, and the deep purple of kalamato olives were mashed- all together- and stuffed- in Havarti-jalapeno-peppered cheese-lined tomatoes. 
     Thirty-five minutes later (after a visit to a hot oven) and served ladled with day-old veggie chili, the color red was swallowed. And it was good. 

     Tomorrow I’m trying yellow. 

Recipe is next door.



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