Chicago, Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town)

       Chicago is a great midwestern city- hands down. 
     Our daughter recently relocated to a fabulous high-rise on Lakeshore Drive, and while her father and I worked, and sweated, and cried her through the move, we retired every evening to Hotel Lincoln, at the Perennial Virant bar with a thick martini and a side of life… the kids are moving on.

     Thank God this town is still ‘Toddlin’
because I know I am.

1816 N. Clark St.
Renovated by the joie de vivre hotel chain that
specializes in curating authentically local traveler venues.
Well done!

The very hip lobby

Populated by vintage art.
This is a 1960’s Chicago Telephone Co. photograph blown-up to poster size.

Great restaurant on the premises

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