Divine Breath

     My itty-bitty courtyard garden is suffering against the oppressive heat that is this year’s New Orleans summer. 
     My gardening spirit has sunk a bit with it- but I water on (if for no other reason than to stand with the stalwarts) like the lilies. 
     As a rule of thumb, the lily plant does not like this climate (too hot, too wet, not wet enough, whatever) but the hybrid Aloha, seems to resist it’s more temperamental cousins quick retreat at the first sign of adversity. 
     I planted three, and even though they are done blooming for the year, they continue to breath life into the garden-

     a Divine Breath.

Aloha Lily
Eucomis hybrid ‘Leia’

‘Aloha’ means ‘Divine Breath’.
‘Leia’ means ‘Child of Heaven’
Both true in this case.

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