Garden Plunder

     Yesterday I opined about the pathetic condition of the itty-bitty courtyard garden (think; too much heat, too much rain, too many invaders, too black black spot) but in fact, there are a few stalwarts hanging on- the last three tomatoes, the carrots, the eggplant, and the basil. 
     I am picking the red orbs today before the marauding hornworms plundered and rape, and will baby the carrots like newborns to bring them to fruition. 
     The eggplant continues to ‘egg’ and the basil is a science experiment (This should have been ‘done’ a month ago. What a weird growing year).
     There’s a bit more sage and the rosemary loves the abuse (I knew a girl in high school named Rosemary who loved… never mind).
     So, even though I’m ready to deep-six the entire garden and start anew, I will take solace in the tough little numbers that are hanging on- 

just like me.

OK- so there’s four

Carrot tops all fuzzy
Eggplant fruit

Crazy basils


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