Summer Secrets

     Between the droughts in the Midwest, the rain deluge in other regions, and the heat that has settled over all of us- what will flourish in our much needed abundance? In the fields? In the valleys? In the garden? (Maybe not corn, or soy, or roses -this year).
     Is it time we all embrace a different growing zone number? (Zone 5 becomes 6, 7 becomes 8, etc.)
     Should we plant for a more Southern Exposure? (I hope not, what will become of all of the apples that need a hard winter, or the Lupines that need to snuggle under a blanket of snow?). 
     We can ask these questions (and I’m sure some people and Agra-conglomerates are) but the bottom line is that we will all adjust- we have too- we always have.
     So what is thriving? 
     Fear mongers, and politicians, and social networking, and… my Hibiscus. 

     The zanny-neon-showgirl blooms are really kicking up a storm.
     Maybe not shying away from who you are can teach us something.
From my garden, and I took the photo!


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