Tales of Isaac; Chapter 2, page 2

      My husband likes to go ‘big’. 
     The problem is he often waits until the last minute. 
     This presents several challenges… 
          “Cheryl, where is the phillips head screw driver? Ya know, the one I like” (He has a favorite?)
          “I’m going to drill a hole in the side of the house. OK?” (sigh)
          “Do we have enough distilled water to keep my humidor in proper working order?” (Really?)
          “Damn it! I left my waders at the fishing camp”. (If we need waders then we really need a boat)
          “I’m going to do laundry. Do you have anything? (Is this what it takes?)
          “I got an extra cooler just for the vodka”. (Genius)
     He has many gifts
     This morning he headed out at the crack of dawn and came home with a beautiful, brand new, portable generator.
     I asked, “How and Where?” (There are no more in the city).
     His answer…

“Don’t you worry about it. Just find me the tools”.

The wood planks are to protect his new toy from rain.
He’s so cute.

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