The Sweet Side of NOLA

     In spite of what you may have heard about New Orleans being a ‘tough’ city (full of crime, and clutter, and crowds) it’s one the most interesting, lively, beautiful, historic, haunted, green, elegant, friendly, and good tastin’, cities I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing (how’s that for a string of adjectives- my 10th grade English teacher would be rolling her eyes, “Cheryl, stop being so DRAMATIC!).
     In fact, it’s even Sweet.
     On of the many philanthropic organizations that support the talented people that flock here (New Orleans is an artist’s Mecca with inspiration dripping off trees and old buildings and a Sazerac, or two) is press-street, a literary & visual arts collective that promotes the arts (and artists) through publications, arts education, and events.

     Last weekend I ate my way through their Cupcake Throwdown.
     I still have a buzz.


Meat Loaf cakes with mashed potato icing.
So delicious!

My favorite.
Note the use of Cognac.

…even a cake- or two.
This one was called

Held at the
St. Roch Community Church
1735 Saint Roch Ave.

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