Friendly Fritillary

     I have a girlfriend that really wanted Passion Vine at the base of her fence. She loved the flowers and delicate scent. She heard the plant attracted butterflies- and don’t we all like butterflies? 
     It would wind it’s way through her wrought-iron trellis and gently drape over the top spires adding a true southern Gothic touch to her New Orleans Gothic home. 
     Yes- Yes- Yes- except, those beautiful butterflies lay lots of eggs that morph into seriously hungry caterpillars, that consume the vine and leave it looking quite nasty until next season. But OK… if you insist.
     Well it is beautiful- viney, gorgeous flowers, sweet scent- and the feeding grounds of the Arraulis vaneillea or Gulf Fritillary caterpillar- which are pillaging it’s leaves, leaving a mess that isn’t what she had in mind. 
     Over iced tea, the other day, she sobbed, “Why didn’t you warn me?”
     I sipped my lemon infused Earl Grey (through clenched teeth) and spread a tight but sweet looking smile, and sighed, 

“But the butterflies are stunning.”

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