Ghostly Bouquets

     My sister, Melissa, and I had an autumn tradition- we robbed graves (well not actual graves, but the lovely flowering stems of long-ago planted memorial trees and shrubs that can be found in cemeteries). Thank God for dead people and the beautiful parks we build to remember them by.
     We clipped with flourish, and giddy abandon. Even took the children along to dance atop the stones. What fun! So happy to be above ground and stuffing our SUV’s with the big bosomy blooms of old fashioned Hydrangea paniculta ‘Grandiflora’- just turning blush pink, and hanging ‘low sweet chariot’.
     In honor of our established principle of assisting in the trimming of such trees (and the sure knowledge that no one can complain) I recently plundered an abandoned family plot along the Mississippi.
     Our legacy continues. My sister would be so proud…

 and the residents enjoyed the company.
Even if they can’t say so, themselves.

These will dry beautifully.

Note: my sister and I will lay in eternity next to each other-literally.
Our plots are already chosen and purchased.
We plan on incorporating several flowering shrubs into our area
with a chiseled stone that will read:
 ‘Go ahead and pick a few.
We always did, now so can you’

A fitting conclusion I think.

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