It’s a Ride in the Park

     I took my bike out for a spin today (three times around Audubon Park is approximately 5.1 miles and only a heart attack away from fit and trim), and so I ride, and ride, and ride, and….stop!
     Something was making a racket.
     What’s behind that bush?
     Kick-stand disengaged.
     Camera and water bottle at the ready (why the water bottle? I don’t know).
     I spread the leafy brackets, and…..
     “Well hello there Mr. Goose and Lady Duck. May I take your picture?” said the woman with the gimp knee.
     “Only eef we git reziduals”, spat the goose. “I don’t have no pockets so you send to Audubon Institute. They take care of everthin’- if you know what I meen.”
     “I’m not sure I do. I don’t expect to make any money from your images. They’d be posted on my blog, along with a mention. No one pays me anything to do what I do. I do it out of love.”
     (Cue: broad smile from stupid human and an aggressive forward approach from Mr. Goose, making the human back up under the large tree to stage left).
     “Me too, Sweetheart. Out of love,”said the egret on the branch above- that just shit on my head. All that was missing was the cigar.

It’s all just a Ride a the Park.

Mr. Goose
(or is it a duck?)

Lady Duck
(it’s a duck,right?)

This is the Egret!
(or is it a Heron?)
I really need to brush-up on my bird species.


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